3×3 Love is the King

I love Jeff Tweedy. I love Wilco. So I am thrilled to review his charming new album Love is the King. But in an effort to do something a little creative and a little more this site, I have compared my 3 favorite tracks to the 3 things we cover on this site: 1 movie, 1 team, and 1 song. Enjoy our definitively MMH-style "review!"

Love in the Time of COVID

Love in the Time of COVID

COVID is a true nightmare. There are also aspects of it that lend themselves to comedy (don't kill me), particularly a romantic comedy. Let's get the ball rolling, brainstorm flowin' on central plot points for the inevitable COVID rom-com.

Studio Musician Fantasy Draft

We all know about fantasy sports, but what about fantasy musicians? Bud's Recording Services chief engineer Sam Patlove and Sasha each draft their studio musician dream team. What guitarist, bassist, drummer, keyboardist, singer, and producer they would most like to be able to call for recording sessions.

MMH Interviews | Austin engineer Sam Patlove

Bud's Recording Services chief engineer Sam Patlove joins us for a conversation on the Austin music scene, the story of his breakthrough band T Bird and the Breaks, identifying the “Austin sound,” where does band jealousy come from and and why is it so hard to keep a band together over time, new gear that Sam is crushin’ on, and the ingredients for a successful session.

Instrument Dietary Restrictions

Chefs navigate dietary restrictions all the time. What if a proverbial music chef had to cook a meal without essential ingredients like guitar, bass, or drums? Here's a list of 6 songs they could prepare to accommodate unique instrument preferences.

2020 NBA Season Retrospective

2020 NBA Season Retrospective

The Lakers are champs, LeBron reigns over all the land, and Cody is ready with the metaphorical outlet pass of perspective. Did you know the season lasted 355 days?! Let's look back on the unparalleled journey we've all been on.