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At MMH we love passion and connecting over shared interests. If you LOVE anime, we’re here for it. If you watch every play of every Spurs game, let’s talk. If you’re in a Kinks cover band, send us your tunes! For folks passionate about one of these topics, go to the corresponding page and the pieces are filtered. If you’re passionate about two or heaven forbid—all threeof these subjects, you’ve probably just found nirvana.

MMH is committed to promoting and supporting the voices and work of people of color, the LGBTQ+ community, women, people with disabilities, and young artists. We value radical inclusion, active anti-racism, and we hold an unwavering dedication to social change, equity, and justice.

Welcome. Glad you’re here. Reach out and say hello.

MEET Our Team

Adrian Dahlin

Adrian Dahlin


Adrian is an entrepreneur with a background in marketing and data science. He has founded a startup, worked for startups, run marketing at a nonprofit, and been a marketing automation expert at a Fortune 100 company. He has degrees from Tufts and NYU. He prefers to be outside, where you tend not to hit your head on doorways. He’s classically trained on the piano, played college basketball, and has an IMDB profile because of a short film from 2011.

Zoe Novendstern


When I was 9 years old I randomly met James Brown while I was eating a knish on the sidewalk, then passed out from the excitement of it all. Not much has changed, except my dog and I live in Brooklyn now.

Cody Tannen-Barrup


I was the captain of a real college basketball team that lost by 70 points one time.

Thulani Davis



Im a biracial, Black Filipina woman, born and raised in Western Mass. I’m a professional dancer and lover of all things art, but cannot sing. I’m a student of anthropology and advocate for a more just world. Bookworm. Foodie. Educator. I belong to the Gryffindor House and definitely would have won the Triwizard Tournament.

David Haffner

David Haffner


I am a writer, dog-lover, and podcast host living in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Check out my podcast about movies and pop culture, Better Late than Never! on Apple Podcasts.

Chris Dodson


I have covered Louisiana high school and college basketball in spurts for a decade. A basketball lifer from the bayou, I’ve reached the big leagues by writing about the New Orleans Pelicans.

Carl Henderson

Carl Henderson II


Carl Henderson II, also known as Lito the Gawd, is a multifaceted rap-writer. Carl is born and raised in New Orleans, LA. The city molded Carl’s writing style which is very conversational. Basketball is Carl’s passion, music is his first love. They are the reason he is alive and he cannot exist without either. Carl loves to spend time with wife and is a devoted dog father to his spoiled kids.

Jenifer Simon

Jenifer Simon


I’m a trusted expert who strengths individual and organizational impact in and through the arts as founder of Honors in Art. My first concert was New Kids on the Block (don’t judge). My last was Bruce Springsteen on Broadway, center section, row 4. #concertredemption

Nate Mondschein


My family always wanted me to be a lawyer, so now I write and produce music. You can hear some of that music at

Nico Carter

Nico Carter


Chicago-born writer, sag actor, composer, and comedian; repped by NV Talent (; @realnicocarter on Twitter;; founder of the juicebox (@juiceboxtheater on Instagram); co-founder of

Chris Conner


Born in New Orleans, raised in Chicago. Haven’t mastered either city…..but I’ve mastered their basketball teams and fan bases.

Simon Pruitt

Becca Abrams


Hi! I’m a Portland-based bodyworker, freelance writer and editor, lover of cats, speculative and radical sci-fiction & fantasy — and dungeons and dragons podcasts. Just your garden variety nerd who loves to dream up collaborative visions of a liberatory future.

Simon Pruitt

Simon Pruitt


My entire 17 year life has been defined by music, movies, and hoops exclusively. I see this site as a continuation of that trend.

Chad Ebanks


I’m a writer. Poems, songs, my opinions on pop culture and Hip-Hop.

Joseph O'Malley

Joseph O'Malley


Joseph O’Malley (they/she) is a photographer and interdisciplinary artist from New York. They started their career as a theater photographer and video creator, combining their backgrounds as a playwright and film producer. They’ve shot projects with numerous Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, Tony, and Golden Globe winning artists, and their work has been featured in The New York Times, The Boston Globe, Town & Country Magazine, High Times Magazine, The Detroit Metro Times, The Seattle Stranger, and many others. Joseph now primarily works as an independent fine artist, as well as an interdisciplinary visual producer collaborating primarily with musicians. @josephomalleyarts

Teresa Chiyanne Beamon


Born and raised In Mississippi. Enjoying life after graduating from XULA! Avid movie watcher. Honestly I miss the nostalgia of VCR’s, but for now I’ll settle for the “Da-Dun” every time I open Netflix.

Andrea Ayvazian


I have been active in movements for social change for 50 years, ever since I was radicalized at Oberlin College during the Vietnam War. A folk songwriter and singer, I have 3 albums in circulation and continue to lead singing at movement gatherings. I am a long-time-anti-racist educator, and in 2017 founded a movement-building school that offers 100 free classes on Zoom each year ( As a pastor, I serve as a minister at Alden Baptist Church, a predominately African American Church in Springfield, MA.

Ivy Olcott


I’m an observer, artist, and miniature enthusiast. One time, as a camp counselor, I co-taught a class where we made an entire mini town for beans – it was called “Bean-Town” and all the tiny bean people wore hats and neckties.

Josh Motenko


Former D1 coach turned NBA Podcaster-dad. NBA draft psychic. 2-time world championship game loser as head coach of Team USA in the sport of Unicycle Basketball. Almost famous. @CoachMotenko

Eliana Carter

Eliana Carter


Hello! I’m a photographer and writer based in Brooklyn, NY. @shotbyeliana