All for One, and One for Jackie

Named for their late mother, Rett Madison's sophomore album, “One for Jackie,” is a step up sonically and symbolically from their previous work.

Joseph O'Malley By Joseph O'Malley 5 Min Read

Offset, Set It Off

Lito is back at it, giving music takes again. Today we find ourselves looking at Set It Off by Offset, formerly of Migos. Start streaming and pull up a chair.

Carl Henderson By Carl Henderson 6 Min Read

Desert Island Music Production Plugins

The top 5 music production plug ins you can't live without.

Nate Mondschein By Nate Mondschein 8 Min Read

Dogstar and the Limits of Celebrity

Keanu Reeves’ band measures the length of a tightrope between rock and regalia.

By Simon Pruitt

Who’s On First? Indie Headlining in 2022

“The Wild Hearts Tour” gives a new window into the evolving concept of headlining in the contemporary indie scene.

By Joseph O'Malley

YB Better: The Face Of The Next Generation

Rap sage Lito Henderson details why YB is in fact better while discussing YoungBoy’s latest offering; The Last Slimeto.

By Carl Henderson

CMG Is An Army! General Gotti Is Armed and Ready

The Collective Music Group empire is ready to dominate the industry.

By Chad Ebanks

The Black Blues, Pt. 5: The “Whitening”

Nico Carter concludes his series with an exploration of the legacies of corrupt practices.

By Nico Carter

Bruce Springsteen’s “The Rising” Turns 20

Springsteen’s extraordinary post-9/11 album, “The Rising” turns twenty years old this month. Could Bruce write those songs today?

By Andrea Ayvazian

Lizzo Proves Why She Is “Special”

MMH resident rap provocateur Lito switches gears to leave his comfort zone and does a break of Lizzo’s new album Special.

By Carl Henderson

MMH & The Mob: The Mob Makes A Record

New York's "Five Families" (Bonanno, Colombo, Gambino, Genovese, and Luchese) used Music, Movies, and Hoops to extend their reach globally and ensured The Mob was part of the culture long after the most infamous were locked up or left to

By Chris Dodson