Beat Battles at BooKoo Lounge Cooking Up Next Creative Wave Out of Crescent City

Dodson went down Dryades St. in New Orleans to get the drop on the Southern Smoke Beat Battles brewing up the next batch of global hits.

Chris Dodson By Chris Dodson 9 Min Read

Victory Lap, Revisited

Resident hip-hop and deep thoughts connoisseur Lito Henderson looks back at Nipsey Hussle’s final lap.

Carl Henderson By Carl Henderson 10 Min Read

One Song | Mockingbird

Sasha’s series unpacking the meaning and music of a single song returns with Ruston Kelly’s anachronistic “Mockingbird.”

Sasha Klare-Ayvazian By Sasha Klare-Ayvazian 13 Min Read

All for One, and One for Jackie

Joseph O'Malley By Joseph O'Malley 5 Min Read

Offset, Set It Off

Carl Henderson By Carl Henderson 6 Min Read

Desert Island Music Production Plugins

The top 5 music production plug ins you can't live without.

By Nate Mondschein

Mobbin’ with MMH: The Geoff Schumacher Interview

Geoff Schumacher is The Mob Museum’s Vice President of Exhibits and Programs. The Made Man responsible for the museum’s artifacts, exhibits, public programs, and digital historical content sat down with an MMH underboss for an exclusive look behind the scenes…

By Chris Dodson

Trapped: How Britney Spears is Repeating The Story of Frances Farmer

Before Britney Spears lived her nightmare of forced institutionalizations and parental control, Frances Farmer lived hers. Nico Carter compares these two stars with remarkably similar stories.

By Nico Carter

Oppenheimer, Theologians, and the 2/3rds Curse

What happens when you truly love something…but only 2/3rds of it?

By Sasha Klare-Ayvazian

Killer Mike Becomes Michael

MMH resident hip-hop connoisseur Lito Henderson argues that 'Michael' by Atlanta rap legend Killer Mike is the album of the year, and it’s not even close.

By Carl Henderson

Dogstar and the Limits of Celebrity

Keanu Reeves’ band measures the length of a tightrope between rock and regalia.

By Simon Pruitt

Who’s On First? Indie Headlining in 2022

“The Wild Hearts Tour” gives a new window into the evolving concept of headlining in the contemporary indie scene.

By Joseph O'Malley

YB Better: The Face Of The Next Generation

Rap sage Lito Henderson details why YB is in fact better while discussing YoungBoy’s latest offering; The Last Slimeto.

By Carl Henderson