The Oscar…Robertsons

Cody gives out Oscar-style awards to some all-time NCAA tournament performances.

Cody Tannen-Barrup By Cody Tannen-Barrup 13 Min Read

MMH Coulda Woulda Should-Awards (nommed edition) 2024

Another year, another awards season, another chance for us to correct the Academy’s inevitable errors!

Nate Mondschein By Nate Mondschein 17 Min Read

Mista Don’t Play: King James Edition

Lito Henderson takes a verse (tweet) from the book of King (LeBron) James and waxes poetic about Project Pat, 23 years later.

Carl Henderson By Carl Henderson 7 Min Read

Who Dies First in Horror Movies, and Why?

Picture this. You wake up as a 17-year-old counselor at Camp Crystal Lake, home of the infamous Jason Vorhees. You’ve seen this movie before. Even if you haven’t, you know how it’s going to end. Preventing such a gruesome outcome…

By Simon Pruitt

The Best Horror Movies to Watch Right Now

Looking for a movie to enjoy this spooky season? Nico sifted through a mountain of losers and snoozers, so you can skip the first part of your night reading Rotten Tomato reviews and get right to the thrills.

By Nico Carter

MMH Fantasy Drafts | The Halloween Marathon Draft

Four horror fans battle it out to assemble the One Halloween Movie Marathon to Rule Them All.

By David Haffner

Oppenheimer, Theologians, and the 2/3rds Curse

What happens when you truly love something…but only 2/3rds of it?

By Sasha Klare-Ayvazian

Dogstar and the Limits of Celebrity

Keanu Reeves’ band measures the length of a tightrope between rock and regalia.

By Simon Pruitt

The (Not Too) Early Oscar Predictions

We’re more than halfway through the year, and yes, it’s that season again. It’s time to talk about the Oscars.

By Kelechi Ehenulo

G.I. Jane Turns 25

G.I. Jane unexpectedly returned to the cultural zeitgeist earlier this year, but this article is not about that. Nick Nocera examines the film’s fading legacy 25 years after its release.

By Nick Nocera

National Back to School Month: 10 High School Movies Worth Staying Up For

It's that time of the year - when students have to re-learn to get up early and head for a day of education. So what better way to prep for the year ahead than digging into movies that celebrate that…

By Katie Smith-Wong