The (Not Too) Early Oscar Predictions

We’re more than halfway through the year, and yes, it’s that season again. It’s time to talk about the Oscars.

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G.I. Jane Turns 25

G.I. Jane unexpectedly returned to the cultural zeitgeist earlier this year, but this article is not about that. Nick Nocera examines the film’s fading legacy 25 years after its release.

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National Back to School Month: 10 High School Movies Worth Staying Up For

It's that time of the year - when students have to re-learn to get up early and head for a day of education. So what better way to prep for the year ahead than digging into movies that celebrate that special carefree time in life? Katie Smith-Wong celebrates a number of cinematic gems.

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Movie Review | “NOPE,” Jordan Peele Still Hasn’t Made A Bad Movie

Channeling the best of Spielberg, Carpenter, and Twilight Zone pulp, Jordan Peele nails the hat trick with his gripping new self-reflexive sci-fi thriller NOPE.

Nate Mondschein

The Gray Man – Gosling, de Armas, and Evans pack (and throw) the punches amid an uneven plot

The Russo Brothers return to the world of high-octane action with their adaptation of Mark Greaney's eponymous novel. But does it pack a punch? Katie Smith-Wong finds out.

Cody Tannen-Barrup

MMH & The Mob: The Mob Goes To Hollywood

New York's "Five Families" (Bonanno, Colombo, Gambino, Genovese, and Luchese) used Music, Movies, and Hoops to extend their reach globally and ensured The Mob was part of the culture long after the most infamous were locked up or left to

Chris Dodson

Friday Finds: July 15th, 2022

Welcome to Friday Finds! Your place to find something to see, read, and do within the world of music, movies, and hoops.


Bale Out The Candles: Celebrating 4 Christian Bale Anniversaries In 1 Month

The Dark Knight Rises and Reign of Fire have a birthday this month. Newsies and Empire of the Sun have birthdays elsewhere in the year. We're going to buy one cake for all of them.

Sasha Klare-Ayvazian

Richard Linklater’s American Dreams

There’s no place for me in Apollo 10 ½: A Space Age Childhood, and I’m totally okay with that.

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Thor: Love No Thunder

Kelechi Ehenulo reviews Thor: Love and Thunder in her MMH debut. The fourth installment in the Norse God franchise is bursting with campy love but scarce on the Mjölnir-powered thrills.

Sasha Klare-Ayvazian

Assembling The Avengers: How Marvel Helped Hollywood Executives and Netflix Kill the Film Industry

In the third and final installment of the Assembling Avengers series, Dan Levine looks at how the chase to copy the Marvel Cinematic Universe by rival studios helped to empower Netflix and destroy the film industry.

Sasha Klare-Ayvazian

The Best Songs in Movies

What are the best songs performed live in movies? From Inside Llewyn Davis to A Star Is Born to Ferris Bueller's Day Off, here are the top eight performances.

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