Spectrum in Motion: A Dance Theatre Ensemble Dedicated to People of Color and the American Experience

Spectrum in Motion Dance Theater Ensemble, Inc is a BIPOC-owned and operated non-profit dance organization that celebrates People of Color and the American experience. Founded in 1982 by choreographer Olivia S Ilano Davis, Spectrum in Motion is singularly American in its method drawing from the integration of techniques from modern to ballet and traditional dance from the Global South, classical to contemporary, organic and somatic to our body intelligence.


Our Mission: Make Dances. Raise Dancers. Build Community and to present dance and develop equitable access to dance education for emerging artists and future leaders.

Our Vision: Everybody should be dancing. We are a place where all bodies, regardless of race, class, gender, age, ability, body type or experience is welcomed to dance.

Mental Health

Enhance Health Group

COVID-19 has affected people of all ages, but teenagers and adolescents are experiencing more mental health issues than ever before. A large study on teen mental health during the pandemic reported an increase in negative emotions in adolescents including depression, anxiety, and loneliness. For more information on the effects the pandemic has on teens and their mental health, visit this website: The Pandemic’s Effect on Teen & Adolescent Mental Health



First assembled in 2017 and formally incorporated in 2020, PROTESTRA (protest + orchestra) is a volunteer-run orchestra and 501(c)(3) organization that bridges the divide between advocacy and classical music. PROTESTRA’s grassroots orchestral benefit concerts inspire activism by contextualizing classical music performance through multimedia education, and turn voluntary audience donations into targeted support for mission- and policy-driven groups related to the concerts’ themes. PROTESTRA’s new vision for classical music prioritizes diversity, equity, inclusion, representation, and accessibility in both its hiring and programming practices. Additionally, PROTESTRA maintains a robust social media presence, creating and sharing original content with 8,000+ followers across multiple platforms.

To learn more about PROTESTRA, visit their website and subscribe to their mailing list at, and follow them on FacebookInstagram, and LinkedIn.

Music to Life

Music to Life connects socially conscious musicians with the resources needed to realize their bold visions for community change.

Austin Music Foundation

Also Austin Music Foundation strengthens, connects, and advances the local music industry and community through educational programming, professional development, and focused mentoring.

Social Justice

The Sojourner Truth School for Social Change Leadership

The Sojourner Truth School for Social Change Leadership (also known as “The Truth School”) offers 100 free movement-building classes a year (Spring and Fall semesters) with the goal of promoting the skills activists need to win movement struggles. Now five years old, the Truth School has a proven track record of teaching valuable, effective, and concrete organizing strategies that equip people—young, middle years, and old—to be active, effective, and empowered.