You could argue that the one consistent element to count on in life dating back to a hellacious 2020 has been music. It brought us the ability to feel, see—to provide a taste of—aspects of life that were put on hold or in some cases completely lost.

Like in life, music is as much about timing and balance as it is about subject. It should be flexible, capable of catching the ears of multiple demographics and conjure the vision of a picture that is being painted through a speaker.

And if music had a go-to season it would have to be summer, right? The weather, the smiles, and the overall vibe is unmatched when combined with the right song. In the heart of summer, you can feel the heat from Hendrix’ guitar, taste the sweet sound of Marley’s groove, or truly believe a night won’t end listening to Jay-Z. At Music Movies & Hoops we love covering good music through mainstream acts and the tunes that help millions celebrate the good times and get through the rest of them just like any other publication.

But what about those building their way up the music industry’s game of musical chairs with ladders carrying only beautiful messages, powerful reasoning, and feel-good acoustics? The people devoid of agendas or industry persuasion and simply in love with the therapy that making good music can provide at its core.

Enter Chicago Illinois’ own, Byron Lytle and the group production: Arrive B.M.P.

Being involved in music since the late 80s Arrive B.M.P. has seen so many different sounds and styles of music come, go, and eventually resurface. In a landscape that has opened its accessibility beyond measure with a plethora of streaming platforms towards being discovered, the year 2021 offers so many roads for musical artists.

“We’ve been producing music since the 80s but back then music was much more industry-driven.” Lytle shared with me in an interview. “We simply felt there was no better time than now, to get back in the swing of things with the access and different forms of streaming.”

This leads us to Arrive B.M.P.‘s latest single “I’m Your Man,” which Lytle describes as “a man who is in love and knows how to show it.”

“I’m Your Man” to strip down vulnerability with the smooth balance of sampled and performed instruments and vocal range makes for one of the more unique love songs you’ll find in the summer of 2021. If you close your eyes you’re bound to travel to a sunnier dimension. It could be a past memory of a love interest or a nightclub where a future significant other awaits for a dance.

At first listen there’s a late-night vibe to be accounted for. But that soon turns into a flexible mid-day listen due to a timely combination of staccato piano, expressive melody, and overall production that is surprisingly upbeat for what some would picture when they think of a love song today. It’s the equivalent to a summer day of heat, that ends with a breezy night once you consider the balance at hand.

As Lytle later explained:

“My goal when people hear our music is to be embodied with the true essence of the melodic and rhythmic sounds of music guided by positive creativity.”

“I’m Your Man” brings a sweet feel that is playable in almost any setting. It’s a throwback of sorts to the love songs of Curtis Mayfield, Al Green, and others, immune to the trappings of bravado and internal barriers that far too often misguide today’s songwriting.

When asked about what music meant to him Lytle explained, “passion, a way to express myself, a therapeutic outlet.” Here’s hoping this is only the beginning of his expression as we look forward to more Arrive B.M.P. productions in the near future.

“I’m Your Man” can be found on almost every musical steaming platform available including Amazon and Apple Music.

We’ll check in with you next time. MMH signing out!