with Chris Dodson and Malikai – We want this to be a multimedia site and today–thanks to our NOLA correspondent/the Zion Williamson of this platform, Chris Dodson–we have our first post with original copy and video! Boom. Chris takes Drake’s “November 18th” to trial over the blatant disrespect for the great DJ Screw and his “June 27th.” Then Dodson and Malikai sit down to hash out the debate. Court is in session!

Musical Docket PATX 06-27-1996

Who: Drake (Aubrey Drake Graham)

Accomplice in Crime: Lil Wayne (Lil Tunechi)

Drake claims he and Lil Wayne had a telephonic conversation which led to a meeting on or about November 18, 2008, which resulted in Drake visiting Houston, Texas. It was there he learned how to rap/sing what his handful of lyrical writers actually wrote for him. In order to catapult his fame, Drake decided to intro a song in homage to DJ Screw only to then disrespect everything Screw stood for in the culture climate of the time. Without this song blowing up, the world may have never heard of Drake in the mainstream way he is known today. DJ Screw was already gone from this earth but never to be forgotten.

Victim: Holy Spirit of DJ Screw, RIP. (Robert Earl Davis Jr.) Forever SouthSide Groovin. Never turning down the beat for a sweet lip singer wanting to rap over a Screw beat.

What: Ripping off “June 27th” beat for the Opening to “November 18th.”

Drake stands accused of using the nostalgia of “June 27th” to revive a career that was two mixtapes into the grave. By using the “June 27th” beat to elicit the good feelings associated with the Screw Tape, Drake piggybacked on DJ Screw’s vibe and Lil Wayne’s distribution lawyers to find a second career past acting.

When: Late 2008, actual date in dispute. Cell Phone Records Under SUC Citizen Subpoena.

The true DJ Screw Day of June 27 is celebrated in Houston every year. The Houston Chronicle covers the events.  As per The Chronicle, “June 27 is actually SUC member De-Mo’s birthday, and the day the Screwed Up Click members recorded the famous June 27 freestyle in 1996. ‘Chapter 012: June 27th’ is 35 minutes and 40 seconds in length, and features Yungstar, Big Moe, Big Pokey, Key-C, De-Mo, Kay-Luv and Haircut Joe. The seven rappers rapped over a chopped and screwed version of Kriss Kross’ “Da Streets Ain’t Right.” The freestyle remains one of Houston’s most popular in history. The beat became a favorite for Houston rappers to freestyle over, and a fan favorite for high school bands.”

You hear that? It’s not just a DJ Screw beat. It is the fact that the “June 27th” beat launched careers in 1996 through 2009. From Yungstar to Drake, DJ Screw’s beat was launching careers long enough to drive into puberty. DJ Screw was mentioned in one of America’s largest newspapers after George Floyd was murdered by local police. The beat deserved more than to be carpet bagged by a Canadian that didn’t visit Houston long enough to smell like the ocean slept with a carne asade torta after a Floyd Mayweather versus Canelo Alvarez super fight.

Anyone playing Drake on November 18 is probably buying that new Christmas release with all the marketing of a comic book/fast food collab and none of the mindfulness of Master P or Nas while getting grumpy on the porcelain throne.

Where: Houston, TX metro area. Port Author, Texas proper. #SouthCoastSwish
Home of the Screwed Up Click. A Capital of Third Coast Rap.

Why: Cardinal Rap Sin Commandment 1: Pay Homage Respectfully

Outcome: Decide after watching the opening and closing arguments.