Travelle Gaines is an LA-based strength trainer for star athletes. In the NBA alone–his client list includes Jimmy Butler, Jaylen Brown, Pascal Siakam, Draymond Green, Lonzo Ball, and Trae Young.

Travelle is a Louisiana native who moved to LA on the recommendation of LSU friend Reggie Bush. Since then, his company Athletic Gaines has grown into a mega success as Travelle works with the top athletes across all major American leagues. Recently, Travelle signed a major media deal where he will be starting a podcast featuring Rich Paul, Maverick Carter, and Dwyane Wade.

Trevelle joined Sasha and Dodson to talk about his background, his unique path into fitness, building relationships with his clients and finding out what motivates them, helping players navigate competing interests between team, agent, and family, Lonzo Ball, Jaylen Brown, the Pelicans, the Timberwolves, why the NBA is the best sports league, and more.

1:45 – Travelle’s Journey to LA
3:45 – Travelle’s journey into fitness
6:10 – Building relationships with clients
9:40 – Competing interests for players
11:17 – Lonzo Ball
16:50 – Why the NBA is the best league in sports
17:53 – Evaluating the Pelicans season and Travelle’s future pursuits
20:36 – Jaylen Brown