Rankings on this Big Big Board are based on talent, and how good I think these players will end up being. This is an interesting draft that is better than last year’s at the top, but similar to last year’s in its unexpected depth. This draft is remarkably deep at two main positions. To start, there are a dozen or so 6’8” to 6’9” perimeter players for the first round with extreme length––which is hard to find. We’re talking point forwards that can handle and facilitate, athletic wing defenders who could become star-stoppers, big wing shooters, and multifaceted versatile do-it-all types.

Players in this group could be the missing piece to a smaller lineup that needs positional size at both forward spots or small-ball 5 but also needs them to be able to play both sides of the ball. This group starts with Cunningham and Kuminga but includes risers like Scotty Barnes, Jalen Johnson, and potential steals Greg Brown, Herbert Jones, Trey Murphy lll, and Derrick Alston Jr.

The other loaded position in this draft is the insane number of 6’5” to 6’7” wings who will be available in the second round, but who may possess first-round abilities. From the two-way wings to microwave scorers whose defensive limitations or 3-point attempts drop their stock, to defenders with NBA bodies who still need to learn to shoot, all the way to the long athletic guys oozing potential who didn’t prove what they were expected to in their college careers. I count close to 20 of these guys who are enticing and potentially available in the second round.

The NBA Draft is full of regrets. Every year there are players like Tyrese Haliburton who have several teams kicking themselves for not taking them.  Every year there are also tantalizing talents who end up being seen as lottery busts like Markelle Fultz and Jarrett Culver.

Let’s try to guess some of these, shall we? Players in this draft (besides the big perimeter sleepers listed above) who show something special to me but will most likely be drafted late and cause regret by GMs and fan bases are: James Bouknight, Daishen Nix, Jared Butler, and Ayo Dosunmu. On the other end, my top teases, depending on where they are drafted, are Franz Wager, Josh Giddey, Keon Johnson, and Sherife Cooper.

I don’t speak with GMs or have inside knowledge. But I’ve coached at the college level for a decade, recruiting over a hundred players annually. I’ve seen a lot of players from all over the world as a scout for NBADraft.net, including Ricky Rubio when he was 15-years-old. I’ve seen thousands of game films of players trying to make it, from the D3 level to JUCO, to Mountain West and High Major programs. I’ve had a player I coached make it, who no one thought he was going to–– including him––and he got a bag.

So I’ve seen what it takes to make it. I’m a few decades in on this “I care about basketball more than anything else” phase of my life. I watch a ton of games and podcast about it so that I can tell my wife that I have to watch the game because I have to podcast about it. So shoot me for thinking I know more than most people about evaluating talent. I’ll also tell you right now, I’m going to be wrong. And then I’ll turn around and try to convince you that I’m still a literal NBA Draft psychic. We’re going to have a good time. 

NBA player comparisons are based on similarities in style of play, not necessarily how good the player is right now. Sometimes it’s a player comp for their ceiling and another for their floor, and sometimes it’s a few players that all remind me of their size and type of game. Sometimes it’s my projected future impact in the NBA for them. Despite all this, if there’s one thing we know about player comps it’s that they are often flimsy and easily disputed. Take them with a grain of salt. It’s easy to think of the star players you remember. It’s hard to think of average players for comps because they weren’t as memorable. I’m going to do both. If you don’t recognize some of the player comp names, it’s because I’m old school and that player played when you were in diapers, or before, so feel free to google them, or raise your hand and ask questions on Twitter @CoachMotenko.

Without further ado, your 2021 NBA DRAFT BIG BIG BOARD:

1. Cade Cunningham 6’8 220 OK STATE (Jayson Tatum/Penny Hardaway)

Having a creative and unselfish 6’8 lead ball-handler who shoots over 40% from 3 and gets to the FT line is a can’t miss at the top pick in any draft. Just ask the Dallas Mavericks. It’s like what big men used to be for NBA talent evaluators.  Cade is a two-way player with immense length defensively, who smoothly and calmly fills up the box score.  And he has the ability to put his team on his back?!  Franchise talent, and NBA ready this year.  The Tatum comparison is because he’s a similar size to Jayson right now, and uses footwork and angles more than trying to jump over you or go through you to score.

2. Evan Mobley 7’0 215 USC (Kristaps Porzingis/Kevin Garnett/Christain Wood)

Extreme length with guard skills and shooting touch make the younger Mobley brother a super intriguing prospect. Mobley is the most mobile 7-footer to come out of the draft in 5 years… since Porzingis, so some think Mobley has unicorn potential. Doubters of his lack of a mean streak can look to his ability to mix it up on both ends of the floor as a shot-blocker who isn’t afraid of scoring through contact. He gets to the line 6 times per game, which should bode well for his per game scoring numbers in the NBA. His nickname should be Daddy-long-legs because of his body structure and high center of gravity, and that could mean he needs to “get stronger,” as so many prospects do, but that didn’t stop others like Kevin Durant, Chris Bosh, or Pau Gasol, whose talent and skill make a comment like that irrelevant when you look back.  Perimeter-skilled 7 footers just don’t grow on trees.

3. Scotty Barnes 6’9 225 FL STATE (Darius Miles/Giannis/Lamar Odom)

Sleeper alert!  Super athletic and freakishly long, Barnes tries to dunk everything.  It’s refreshing to see someone so aggressive who can rebound and push the break. That’s a playmaking 5 man in today’s NBA if you want to try that. Or is he an all-world defensive stopper wing? Either way he will excel in the NBA with more space to use his handle at that size. And that’s why I’m not overly worried about his shooting stroke right now. Overly cocky and silly demeanor may have teams questioning his stock, besides the fact that he’s an older freshman.  Most professional mocks don’t have him this high. I think he will be a top 5 player from this draft in 5 years. There’s just too much upside for how players with his tools are used by today’s coaches.

4. Jalen Suggs 6’4 210 GONZAGA (Jamal Murray/Jason Kidd/Jim Jackson)

Maybe the best player to ever come out of Mark Few’s now-bonafide NBA development program at Gonzaga that includes NBA All-Star Domantas Sabonis. This strong-bodied lead guard can shoot and score with the best of them, but also displays leadership abilities and unselfishness.  He has timing hitting teammates on cross-court passes that slightly remind me of Jason Kidd, but then he scores the ball in a way that reminds me of Kidd’s Dallas teammate Jim Jackson, who was a problem. I see him more likely to find a role as a lead scorer and culture changer through his style of play, if he’s drafted top-5 to a struggling team. Has the pedigree to be a top NBA guard with his upside, smarts, and talent combo. That’s pretty hard to find.

5. Davion Mitchell 6’2 205 BAYLOR (Kyle Lowry/Donovan Mitchell)

Super quick, gritty, tough, aggressive, and strong two-way PG. Showed in the NCAA tournament that he is the top-dog on the best team, a big shot maker with great percentages, AND he’s a good facilitator at 6 assists/gm. He’s extremely disruptive defensively for his size too with quickness and smarts and a gritty attitude. Old guy playing against teenagers in the NCAA – will be 23 when the season starts.

6. James Bouknight 6’5 190 UCONN (DeMar DeRozan/Spencer Dinwiddie)

Special offensive talent who doesn’t get the credit he deserves.  Shot-maker with great footwork to create his own shot, but can also be a facilitator and ball handler off the ball screen. Has the NBA moves of a vet at 3 levels, with gear changes, and balance, and does it with a smoothness to his game that makes him look the part of a pro scorer. These details in his offensive game are why I have Bouknight higher than Jalen Green, whose potential is more based on jaw-dropping natural ability.

7. Jalen Johnson 6’9 220 DUKE (Antoine Walker)

Good passer, quick decision-maker, rebounder, ball handler, all-around NBA-ready player. Good at everything, great at nothing. Top 10 talent who will slide due to quitting on Coach K and team. Plays a switchable, selfless brand of basketball that will be plug-and-play in any style. Needs to cut down on turnovers and improve FT shooting percentages. I like the sleeper potential of Johnson in this draft, as he will be an absolute steal late in the lottery.

8. Jalen Green 6’6 180 G-LEAGUE IGNITE (Zach LaVine/Eddie Jones/Josh Jackson)

Freak athlete with skill to match.  Has the tools to be an elite two-way player.  I question his intangibles, focus, and ability to put it all together. His balance is all over the place on his jumper beyond the arc. The top “potential” guy in this draft and the most high-risk, high-reward pick.

9. Jonathan Kuminga 6’8 210 G-LEAGUE IGNITE (Pascal Siakam/Sharif Abdur Rahim)

Kuminga is overrated as a top 5 pick, as most have him, because his upside is more of a solid do-it-all versatile starter in the NBA than as an all-star.  Shooting range still in development even though he’s pretty savvy in the post and mid-range.  He’s so raw and young that there’s still plenty of time, but something’s missing in his feel for the game to be a true star.

10. Greg Brown lll 6’9 205 TEXAS (Patrick Williams/OG Anunoby)

Long, strong, super athletic 3/4/5 man who can handle enough, attack the rim, and has the mobility to guard wings. Still a raw talent and may need a year before he’s judged. Has legitimate potential as a switchable defensive stopper at the NBA level if he buys in. Sleeper who most mocks have as a late 1st rounder but should rise as we near the July 29th draft.

11. Cory Kisbert 6’7 220 GONZAGA (Joe Harris/Klay Thompson/Wally Szczerbiak)

The best shooter in the past 3 drafts.  Percentages of 55-46-90% don’t come along often, and he’s been doing that for two years straight.  Has size and strength at the wing, and ability to create his own shot more like a Joe Harris than a Kyle Korver.  Can he guard at the NBA level?  Is he more of a complimentary shooter or can he be a volume go-to scorer?  Will his age (22 y/o Sr) or disappearance in the National Championship Game hurt his stock? 

12. Ziaire Williams 6’8 185 STANFORD (Tyrese Haliburton/DeAndre Hunter)

Long and rangy top recruit who chose to go the Academic route, and this may hurt his stock because he wasn’t able to take over games like some thought he would with his talent. Smart but weak? Too Skinny? There are some question marks, but he is a team-first player with upside and length at the wing.  

13. Moses Moody 6’7 205 ARKANSAS (Rudy Gay/Joe Johnson/Malik Beasley)

Professional scorer with footwork and fundamentals, and a knack for the ball.  More skilled than explosive, this slithery 3 level scorer gets to the FT line, is a good finisher, and has solid percentages. His limited athleticism impacts him somewhat defensively, and puts him late-lottery. 

14. Daishen Nix 6’5 225 G-LEAGUE IGNITE (Andre Miller in Lou Dort’s Body/Mark Jackson)

Sleeper alert!  Elite passing vision and feel for the game at unmatched size for the PG position. Plays like a truck – with toughness (from Alaska) and a high basketball IQ. Was the floor-general who kept everyone on the G-League Ignite experiment happy. Great rebounding ability makes him a triple-double candidate.  Can score a little but has VERY poor shooting percentages. This has him in most 2nd round conversations, but will be a steal for anyone who takes him in the first round. I’m a sucker for pass-first bully point guards who impact the game in various ways, so I have him mid-first round.

15. Herbert Jones 6’8 210 ALABAMA (Andrei Kirilenko/Stacey Augman)

Athletic lefty slasher point-forward who can guard 1-4 w/ a high motor. SEC player of the year & defensive player of the year. 23 years old, but doesn’t seem to have the type of game that has a low ceiling, due to his motor and athleticism.  Fills up the stat sheet like Kirilenko used to, which makes me okay with his limited 3-point range. Sleeper Alert!

16. Jared Butler 6’3 195 BAYLOR (Chauncey Billups/George Hill) 

Super smart shooter with excellent percentages who always plays on 2 feet and makes the right read. Good enough NBA athlete and will be a coach and fan-favorite because he’s a true winner and proven big-shot-maker (NCAA Championship Player of the Game, most 3’s ever in the final game). There’s more tantalizing prospects than him, but he’s a can’t-miss to be a long-time NBA veteran and could have the mental side of the game enough to be a future team-captain type glue guy.

17. Ayo Dosunmu 6’5 200 ILLINOIS (Victor Oladipo/Josh Richardson)

Combo guard with lightning speed, a high motor, and upside. Can score, pass, and rebound with good shooting percentages. Projects as a defensive stalwart as well. Is he a potential starting point guard or just a complimentary do-it-all guy at the next level?

18. Tre Mann 6’5 190 FLORIDA (Bogdon Bogdanović/Elfrid Payton)

Big combo guard with excellent shooting percentages and range. Very reliable, and plays with pace and savvy – always probing in attack mode. A potential sleeper, especially because he can play the point.  Late growth spurt raised his stock this past year.

19. Jeremiah Robinson-Earl 6’9 230, VILLANOVA (Siddiq Bey/Eric Paschall)

Potential Sleeper. Versatility allows him to play on the perimeter and in the post.  Plays smart team-first basketball with an all-around skill-set. Next in line of Jay Wright’s NBA-ready super-sized wings. 

20. Trey Murphy lll, 6’9 205 VIRGINIA (Cam Johnson/Jalen Smith)

Athletic but one-dimensional long-range shooting 4 man, who can switch defensively. Cam Johnson proved this is the type of power forward teams covet. Great %s but at 30 mins/gm really has no other stats.  Perfect skill set to fit an NBA role right now.  Sleeper alert!

21. Isaiah Todd 6’10 210 G-LEAGUE IGNITE (Darius Bazely)

Super bouncy, switchy, and raw power forward, who isn’t getting the attention his potential deserves. Great second jump instincts. Stats were not overly impressive playing alongside other top talents, as he is still learning the game – but his size, athleticism, and activity level stand out.

22. Charles Bassey 6’11 255 WESTERN KENTUCKY (Daniel Gafford/Marvin Bagley)

Very mobile big man from Lagos, Nigeria who has been on the NBA draft radar for several years now, and passed up higher D1 offers to be the man at a mid-major.  Really quick first jump makes him the best rebounder in the draft, and one of the best shot blockers.  Still developing.  Skinny but very strong.  Focus and potential outside of a rim-running big man are questionable, but his mobility at his size is too great to pass up in the late first round.

23. David Duke 6’5 205 PROVIDENCE (Lonzo Ball/Kevin Porter Jr/Terrence Ross)

Athletic combo guard with a super quick first step who always plays in attack mode. Can score, rebound, pass, with the athleticism to posterize people. Shows so much potential when he’s on, but when he’s off, he struggles to finish and can shoot his team out of the game – as evidenced by a sub-40%FG over 3 years.  Still trying to find consistency as a college junior is a bit worrisome.

24. Keon Johnson – 6’5 185 TENNESSEE (Lonnie Walker/Markelle Fultz)

Undersized but plays w/ intensity and grit and extreme balls-to-the wall athleticism. Acrobatic finishes are a norm for Johnson, as he’s always jumping into people, twisting in the air and double-clutching to finish in creative ways. This aspect reminds me a bit of Derrick Rose or Russell Westbrook. In the half-court he has efficient moves, and great footwork. He’s definitely more of a driver at this point, but will shoot the 3.  Has a narrow base on his jump shot, which worries me a bit. Most mocks have him as a clear lottery pick, but really poor counting stats AND shooting percentages make me see him as a bit of a tease.

25. Jaden Springer, 6’4 205 TENNESSEE (Malcolm Brogdon/Avery Bradley/Brad Wannamaker)

Solid, tough, defense-first combo guard. Can switch onto bigger players on D and hold his own. Good shooting percentages, but low 3 point attempts. Low upside will be a non-issue if he can show he’s more of a lead ball-handler a-la Malcolm Brogdan, rather than a small shooting guard like Avery Bradley. 

26. RJ Nembhard 6’5 200 TCU (Shai Gilgeous-Alexander/Michael Carter-Williams)

Long, smooth, experienced, fundamentally sound point guard who makes the right play. Has a lot of tools to work with including passing vision and passing ability, including cross-court left-handed skip passes, footwork, a floater and mid-range jumper, and the ability to get to the FT line. Has a bit of a cork-screw hitch on his shooting form. Shooting %s need to improve, which makes him slide towards the end of the first round for me.  

27. Kai Jones, 6’11 220 – U TEXAS (Javale McGee/Jaxon Hayes/Myles Turner)

Athletic, mobile shot blocker with potential, who at times looks too spazzy or clumsy. Good physical tools for switchability.  Limited offensive player.  I’m not as high on him as others.

28. Isaiah Jackson, 6’10 205 KENTUCKY (Chris Boucher)

Super skinny, high motor, dirty work player.  Definitely a project, but has the potential to be a switchable, athletic 4 or 5-man who could develop other complementary skills. Is 2-3 years away.

29. Derrick Alston Jr. 6’9 210 BOISE STATE (Jalen McDaniels/Chandler Hutchinson)

Smart high-IQ shooter with size on the wing. Limited laterally for an NBA wing, but has the length to somewhat make up for it.

30. Josh Giddey 6’8 205 AUSTRALIA (Boris Diaw/Kyle Anderson)

Lefty point guard who is rocketing up draft boards due to his feel for the game at his size. I don’t see the scoring ability, athleticism, or killer instinct to become an NBA starter on a playoff team.

31. Drew Timme 6’10 235 GONZAGA  (Dario Šarić/Domantas Sabonis/Trey Lyles)

Point-Center w/ super high IQ who can rebound, handle and pass.  Has the post moves of a 10-year vet.  Struggles to move laterally on the perimeter and thus will get attacked on D as he did in the NCAA Championship game. Doesn’t shoot 3s, which also limits his NBA potential.

32. Alperen Sengün 6’9 240 BESIKTAS (Dario Šarić)

Pronounced “Shen-goon.” 18-year-old post-move king and small ball 5.  Can shoot the 3.  Has been killing in Turkey with Shane Larkin’s team.  Has grit and plays an aggressive style on both ends of the floor.  VERY limited defensively, will never reliably switch onto guards.  Slow laterally.  Possibly too small to guard bigger 5s also. 

33. MJ Walker 6’5 215 FLORIDA STATE (Desmond Bane/Gary Neal)

Sturdy bodied shooting guard with excellent shooting percentages.  Limited athleticism and older age drop his stock.  Could surprise some by being more NBA-ready than guys picked ahead of him.

34. Franz Wagner 6’9 220 MICHIGAN (Danilo Galinari/Joe Ingles)

At 6’9, Franz shows an ability to handle the ball from the wing and shoot, which makes scouts drool. He also has better defensive abilities than you’d think, and the stats back that up. This all supports the idea that, positionally he’s going to translate to the next level way better than his brother, Mo Wagner, the whiniest player in the NBA.  I just don’t trust the genes here to put him any higher than late 1st round.  I don’t like his lack of toughness.

35. Aaron Henry 6’6 210 MICHIGAN STATE (Denzel Valentine/Romeo Langford) 

Active perimeter defender and slasher with size on the wing.  Lefty who has a low 3pt % but can fill up the box score otherwise on both sides of the ball.  You can always trust that Tom Izzo’s guys will bring toughness to your NBA team.

36. Allen Flanigan 6’6 215 AUBURN (Isaac Okoro/Juan Toscano-Anderson)

Athletic, strong lefty wing who seems to play with a high motor.  Doesn’t seem to be a scorer who can create his own shot, which limits his stock as potentially just an energy guy off the bench.  

37. Quentin Grimes 6’5 205 U HOUSTON (Dillon Brooks)

Professional shooter/scorer, but limited athlete. Gets to FT line at a high clip and scores at all 3 levels with good percentages. Led his team way further in the NCAA tournament than they should have gone.  Plays hard and smart, and thus will surprise some people.

38. Joel Ayayi, 6’5 180 GONZAGA (RJ Hampton)

Bouncy wing coming off an injury in the NCAA tournament.  High-motor energy player who can defend, rebound for his size, and is reliable from beyond the arc. May have the ability to play some point guard, which would dramatically increase his stock.  Originally from Paris, France. 

39. Chris Duarte 6’6 190 OREGON (Reggie Bullock)

Steady and serviceable 2-way shooting guard with good shooting percentages.  A bit too skinny for being 24 years old already.  Originally from the Dominican Republic.

40. Roko Prkačin 6’9 210 CROATIA (Tony Kucoč who can’t shoot)

19-year-old driver with a high basketball IQ and feel for the game.  Not a good shooter.

41. Johnny Juzang 6’6 210 UCLA (Cutino Mobley)

Clutch big shot-maker who impressed in the NCAA tournament when it mattered.  Solid two-way wing, but not the most impressive counting stats or shooting percentages. Can you tell by now this is a double-whammy for me?

42. Usman Garuba 6’8 230 SPAIN (Sekou Doumbouya/Marvin Williams)

Athletic defensive player only, at this point. Potential lottery pick who seems like a potential bust to me.  

43. BJ Boston 6’7 185 KENTUCKY (Kevin Martin/James Young)

Highly touted due to his length, athleticism, and ability to make the game look easy.  Can score but didn’t show consistency in his one year at Kentucky.  Doesn’t have good principles on defense, and has super narrow shoulders and skinny frame – making me hesitant that he will reach his potential.  Definitely a longer-term project.

44. Terrence Shannon 6’6 210 TEXAS TECH (Kelly Oubre/Jarrett Culver)

Long, lean lefty who shows flashes of promise, then disappears.

45. Isaiah Livers 6’7 230 MICHIGAN (Xavier Tillman/Grant Williams)

Older senior who shoots the ball with elite percentages from the frontcourt.  Undersized pick and pop threat.  Very limited athlete and not the best body.

46. Taevion Kinsey 6’5 185 MARSHALL (Jordan Clarkson)

Skinny scorer, and a good one, but is he a scorer only?  Good percentages, but only attempted 2 3’s/gm. Doesn’t guard all that well, make others better, or participate in the rebounding battle.

47. Josh Christopher 6’5 215  ARIZONA STATE (Norman Powell/Josh Green/Josh Okogie)

Hyper athletic and strong build gives him defensive upside and has a lot of scouts putting him near the lottery, but he can’t shoot. I’m not a fan.

48. Marcus Bagley 6’8 210 ARIZONA STATE (Old Carmelo Anthony)

Big wing shooter who can stretch the floor.  Poor stats other than shooting and rebounding. Limited laterally defensively. Marvin Bagley’s younger brother.

49. Ochai Agbaji 6’5 210 KANSAS (Grayson Allen)

Solid fundamental off-ball player, can defend, has some tools/bounce.

50. Abramo Canka 6’6 180 ITALY (Frank Ntilikina)

Skinny shooting guard with length who is 3 yrs away.  Pronounced “Sanka.”

51. David Johnson 6’5 210 LOUISVILLE (Josh Hart)

Steady sophomore combo guard with size.  Reliable and fundamental but not overly athletic.  Can play both PG and SG but upside is limited.

52. Caleb Love 6’4 195 NORTH CAROLINA (poor man’s Coby White) 

Really quick, speedy, score-first point guard, similar to his predecessor under Roy Williams.  What is his desire on defense?

53. DJ Stewart 6’6 205 MISSISSIPPI (Kelly Oubre)

Lefty scorer with a good mid-range game, but poor percentages.  Former Duke Transfer.

54. Nah’Shon Hyland 6’3 175 VCU (Tony Delk/Monta Ellis)

Shooter, not a distributor, but has good percentages and is active on the glass and in the passing lanes, using his length to make a difference.

55. Cameron Thomas 6’4 210 LSU (Swaggy P)

Shooter with unimpressive percentages because he twists off-balance on his 3.  Not a PG, and thus is somewhat undersized at shooting guard.

56. Andrew Nembhard, 6’5 195 GONZAGA (PJ Dozier)

Athletic complementary wing who will play solid and not turn the ball over. 

57. Sharife Cooper 6’0 180 AUBURN (Trae Young with a broke J)

Older freshman who is super dynamic with the ball and makes high-level plays.  Plays like a veteran with the ball in his hands.  Can score, pass, rebound for his size, and get to the FT line (8 times/gm).  However, there are some really fatal flaws.  He’s a terrible defender, he’s too small, and he has really bad shooting percentages.  Since he’s hard to figure out, he’s perfect for a second-round pick. 

58. Day’Ron Sharpe 6’11 265 NORTH CAROLINA (Vernon Carey)

Athletic and strong post with an NBA body who can make a difference on both sides of the ball.  Still very much a work in progress.

59. Neemius Queta 7’0 225 UTAH STATE (Harry Giles)

Rim runner/shot-blocker who can knock down the mid-range J.  Fluid athlete, originally from Portugal.  Already 22 years old.  A project.

60. Luka Garza 6’11 265 IOWA (Marc Gasol/Luke Kornet)

Low post scorer and 3 point shooter with size and aggressiveness on offense.  Limited defensively. 

61. Filip Petrušev 6’11 225, SERBIA (Luke Kornet)

Fluid pick n pop big man, but limited defensively.  Not switchable. 

62. Kofi Cockburn 7’0 285 ILLINOIS (Ike Anigbogu)

Old school big man who plays with his back to the basket, rebounds, and can’t be trusted at the FT line.  Too bulky to switch a ball-screen, stay out of foul trouble, or be a consistent shot blocker.  Originally from Jamaica.

63. Ariel Hukporti 7’0 250 GERMANY (Thomas Bryant)

Above the rim athlete with NBA body who lacks experience.  Lefty project who is 3 years away from contributing. Can rebound and score in the post. 

64. Jay Huff 7’1 240 VIRGINIA (Alex Len)

23 yr old white guy. Super long shot blocker. Limited athletically. 

65. Ron Harper Jr. 6’6 245 RUTGERS (Omari Spellman)

Shooter.  That’s about it.  Does he have the lateral quickness to make the NBA like his dad?