The NBA’s Rookie Transition Program usually happens in August in New Jersey but this year it was combined with the NBA Summer League schedule to consolidate travel and mitigate extra risks. Players attended sessions on their off-days from August 8-13.

Session 1 was a basic introduction to the league and program. Dennis Scott welcomed the rookies who then had a chance to sit with NBA Commissioner Adam Silver for a Q&A session. This was followed by a panel discussion on player health including NBA veterans Derrick White, Rob Covington, and Tracy Murray. Mental wellness and Financial Literacy forums followed the next few days. It’s a way for the rookies and league to get to know one another, get more comfortable asking questions, and building relationships.

There were the three big MMH questions to ask Murphy III. How you do feel about the pro hoop game? What’s your favorite road trip movie? And who’s album is blaring out the speakers during these summer workouts?

Trey Murphy III: On the court, just different pace and different defensive rules. Being spaced out, it’s a whole different game from the college game and I really like it a lot. It’s probably working in my favor more than it’s hurt me.

He also told me he hasn’t had time for many movies, even on this long NBA Draft until the end of Summer League road trip. It is arguably the most grueling trip as a professional according to several veteran players.

In all honesty, I don’t really watch movies. Like, I watch movies but right now I’m just watching basketball. I’m just digesting basketball 24/7 but if I did put on a movie it would be…I’ll give you three. Southpaw, Django Unchained, and SemiPro. Those are my three go-to movies that I love.”

I told Murphy III he would have to check out some bounce when he got to New Orleans. He could use local music to help Devonte’ Graham work on his “Yea my baby” accent. Until he goes on a Big Easy musical tour he keeps his soundtracks local.

“Album-wise, I listen to a lot of music. My favorite of all time is J.Cole. Sideline Story. That’s another N.C. guy. I have got to support him.”