Andrea Ayvazian

I have been active in movements for social change for 50 years, ever since I was radicalized at Oberlin College during the Vietnam War. A folk songwriter and singer, I have 3 albums in circulation and continue to lead singing at movement gatherings. I am a long-time-anti-racist educator, and in 2017 founded a movement-building school that offers 100 free classes on Zoom each year ( As a pastor, I serve as a minister at Alden Baptist Church, a predominately African American Church in Springfield, MA.
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Bruce Springsteen’s “The Rising” Turns 20

Springsteen’s extraordinary post-9/11 album, “The Rising” turns twenty years old this month.

Andrea Ayvazian By Andrea Ayvazian

What Is Owed?

Most houses of worship pay an annual licensing fee to sing hymns

Andrea Ayvazian By Andrea Ayvazian

What Do Musicians Say? Keeping On Keeping On in Times of Struggle and Hardship

Singer-songwriter-activists reflect on what keeps them going year after year and what

Andrea Ayvazian By Andrea Ayvazian

Change Sings: A lyrical message from Amanda Gorman

"We're what the world is becoming, and we know it won't be

Andrea Ayvazian By Andrea Ayvazian

Singing to the Klan

How singing gave us strength when confronted by the KKK and a

Andrea Ayvazian By Andrea Ayvazian