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The Slow Rush Portraits

The Slow Rush Portraits

Last Valentine’s Day Leah Bury fell in love. Not with a man or a woman, with a record, Tame Impala’s forth album The Slow Rush. With time on her hands due to COVID and a desire to capture the visualizations the album conjured for her, Leah set out to create an original portrait for every song. This is a piece unlike anything we’ve done at MMH. These portraits are stunning and Leah’s analysis of the songs and the art it inspired is just moving. We have embedded the songs into the piece so you can enjoy the art with the music. Clear your schedules and enjoy this enchanting journey.

Movie Review | Promising Young Woman

Promising Young Woman is not playing games. This film, which follows Cassie’s journey to seek justice for her friend following a sexual assault, is a powerful reflection on rape culture and victim suppression in America. In this thoughtful piece, Leah shares a synopsis, identities archetypal characters, and uses her own experience to reinforce the film’s message.

MMH Review | evermore & folklore

In this year where we all started baking bread, growing herbs, and taking long, long walks, Taylor Swift released two albums that feel like she is prepping the sourdough starter for us. And while this sonic bread may not taste as good as it looks on IG food thirst traps, it’s just what we needed.