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My family always wanted me to be a lawyer, so now I write and produce music. You can hear some of that music at
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MMH Fantasy Drafts | The Batdraft

Mash that Bat-Signal and slap on some spandex–it’s time for a Batdraft.

MMH Presents: Three Highlights For Black History Month 2022

Before the close of Black History Month, three MMH writers present a…

Decadepalooza IV: The 90s

Simon Pruitt & Nate Mondschein are back to draft their fictional fantasy…

Simon PruittNate Mondschein By Simon Pruitt Nate Mondschein

MMH Sundance Selects Vol. 2: Happening, Navalny, and Cha Cha Real Smooth

MMH Sundance correspondent Nate Mondschien continues his review of the 2022 festival,…

Nate Mondschein By Nate Mondschein

MMH Fantasy Drafts | Film Scores

Today is the GOAT John Williams' 90th birthday. Happy Birthday John! To…

MMH Sundance Selects, Vol. I: The Worst Person In The World, Fire of Love, Honk For Jesus. Save Your Soul.

Nate Mondschein spotlights three standouts (for good and for ill) from this…

Nate Mondschein By Nate Mondschein

Movie Review | The Tragedy of The Tragedy of Macbeth

After two-plus years of waiting, Joel Coen’s The Tragedy of Macbeth has…

Nate Mondschein By Nate Mondschein

The 2021 MMH Awards

To celebrate the end of 2021, the MMH Staff compiles their top-five…

Nate Mondschein By Nate Mondschein

A Year In Review: The Top Five Films of 2001

MMH Contributor and chronic list-maker Nate Mondschein takes a two-decade trip back…

Nate Mondschein By Nate Mondschein