Throwback to the Future | Wild Wild West

Throwback to the Future | Wild Wild West

In Steven’s fourth installment of Throwback to the Future, he throws it to his childhood favorite “Wild Wild West” by Will Smith. Steven looks at the “Sampleception”–his dope term for a song that samples multiple songs and is forged from various sources–that makes this 90s banger possible.

Totally Sounds Like | Manu Ginobili x Audioslave

Totally Sounds Like | Manu Ginobili x Audioslave

Spurs legend David Robinson retired in 2003. Manu Ginóbil picked up the torch and while cementing himself as the best Sixth Man in NBA history, helped guide the Spurs to the highest levels of success for the next two decades. Meanwhile, Zack de la Rocha left Rage Against the Machine in 2000. Determined to carry forward, the instrumentalists of the band forged with singer Chris Cornell and Audioslave became one of the biggest rock bands of the 2000s.

Totally Sounds Like | Bill Withers x Allen Iverson

At 6’2″, Bill Withers is actually taller than Allen Iverson, which is wild considering what AI achieved on the court. Both stars brought such fierce passion to their art while maintaining such steadiness, integrity, and sense of self in their lives. Steven wraps a great week at MMH with this fantastic comparison–and just wait until you hear Iverson highlights synced to “Lovely Day!”

Throwback to the Future | Power of a Remix

In 2011 Steven heard Soundtree’s remix of The Temptations’ “Power” on a BlackBerry commercial. He didn’t buy the PlayBook they were peddling, but his ears were buying what they were hearing. The commercial led Steven on a journey to discover the original mega-hit, explore the incredible group behind it, and grapple with its POWERful message about greed and mass control.

Sia Needs to Face the Music

Sia has taken Maddie Ziegler under her wing, but is that a good thing? Steven SOUNDS OFF on Sia, her new film Music, and her lack of awareness and respect for people with disabilities. By sharing a personal reflection on his time in special education, we learn why this hits so close to home and why Sia’s behavior cannot be tolerated.

Totally Sounds Like | Jimi Hendrix x Kobe Bryant

At age 26, Jimi Hendrix closed out the biggest music festival in history with one of the most iconic performances in music history. Not to be outdone, Kobe Bryant was already a three-time NBA championship by the same point in his young life. Both icons left us far too early, but their legacies will carry on for generations.