Totally Sounds Like | Bill Withers x Allen Iverson

At 6'2", Bill Withers is actually taller than Allen Iverson, which is wild considering what AI achieved on the court. Both stars brought such fierce passion to their art while maintaining such steadiness, integrity, and sense of self in their lives. Steven wraps a great week at MMH with this fantastic comparison--and just wait until you hear Iverson highlights synced to "Lovely Day!"

Nate’s Top Five Non-Biopic Movies About Music

Nate pronounced "biopic" incorrectly for decades. When he was finally corrected, the embarrassment of his "bi-opic" mistake left him estranged from the entire genre. So here we are, Nate's Top 5 NON-biopic movies about music. (Yes, Coco is on there. No, Glitter is not on there.)

Zay by Zay

This is an awesome, multi-dimensional piece where Malik shares his history with and the background on San Diego-based hip-hop artist Zaiv Douleur and then cuts to his interview with the rising star. Zaiv has so much charisma, passion, and wonderful energy to share and in this terrific conversation, he talks about balancing music with his career in the Navy, bouncing between Bastrop, LA, Hawaii, and San Diego, the importance of realness and consistency for career growth, and his transformation from Young Zayy to Zaiv Douleur--the latter of which means "pain" and the struggle he's endured to achieve success.

The Slow Rush Portraits

The Slow Rush Portraits

Last Valentine's Day Leah Bury fell in love. Not with a man or a woman, with a record, Tame Impala's forth album The Slow Rush. With time on her hands due to COVID and a desire to capture the visualizations the album conjured for her, Leah set out to create an original portrait for every song. This is a piece unlike anything we've done at MMH. These portraits are stunning and Leah's analysis of the songs and the art it inspired is just moving. We have embedded the songs into the piece so you can enjoy the art with the music. Clear your schedules and enjoy this enchanting journey.

The Art of the Comedy Special

Dodson reflects on the art of the comedy special from the OG Richard Pryor to Dave Chapelle to Doug Stanhope. He argues that where comedy movies can feel contrived or artificial, a good special brings a truth and realness that makes them the apex medium of the genre. And wraps by sharing five recommendations for comedy fans who are hungry for new material.

Throwback to the Future | Power of a Remix

In 2011 Steven heard Soundtree's remix of The Temptations' "Power" on a BlackBerry commercial. He didn't buy the PlayBook they were peddling, but his ears were buying what they were hearing. The commercial led Steven on a journey to discover the original mega-hit, explore the incredible group behind it, and grapple with its POWERful message about greed and mass control.

Trade Targets for West Playoff Teams

With the NBA trade deadline fast approaching, Cody is looking for those moves that make playoff teams just that much better. Every year we see these deadline moves make all the difference when the playoffs arrive. Look no further than Marc Gasol to the Raptors two years ago. Cody wraps up his two part series--read his east column below--by examining savy moves for the west's top 6.

Sia Needs to Face the Music

Sia has taken Maddie Ziegler under her wing, but is that a good thing? Steven SOUNDS OFF on Sia, her new film Music, and her lack of awareness and respect for people with disabilities. By sharing a personal reflection on his time in special education, we learn why this hits so close to home and why Sia's behavior cannot be tolerated.