MMH Review | Judas and the Black Messiah

MMH Review | Judas and the Black Messiah

Dave and his friends have this idea of the “the Hemingway last line.” Reflecting Hemingway's gift for terse, short, punchy sentences that leave you in pieces on the floor. Judas and the Black Messiah is a "Hemingway last line" movie for Dave. He doesn't give it away, but the reveal at the end reprogrammed his entire experience with the film.

The Autobiography of Larry Flynt

The Autobiography of Larry Flynt

The sorrow and complexity of Larry Flynt's biography spawned Ivan's obsession with heterosexual male psychos. Then after spinning into a tizzy when his girlfriend left for college and wrote, "a member of the U Chicago football team helped me move into my dorm," he realized he might be becoming one... Ivan reflects on practicing guitar, running, Larry Flynt, and the boundless longing of 12th grade.

Cody’s Weekend Rebound

The top teams in the Western Conference continue to thrive by feasting on the lower seeds. It's another year where the Western Conference is as loaded as a Marvel cast party. Meanwhile, the "resurgent" East with KD, Harden, Jimmy Buttler, Westbrook, Jayson and Jaylen, the rising Sixers, and the Bucks, has only four teams over .500 and maintains its reputation as the Leastern Conference.

Trade Targets for East Playoff Teams

The NBA trade deadline is on March 25th and the field is loaded with finals hopefuls. It's that time of the year where teams look to add a Scarlet Witch, a Winter Solider--a solid player--to bolster their playoff run. Cody gives out realistic--and blockbuster--trade targets for the top six teams in the East.

Weekly Roundup

The arctic freeze has arrived in Austin! Turn up the heat, get under the covers, and stay warm with hot movies, steaming music, and electric matchups! This week we have Mobley's sophomore album Young & Dying in the Occident Supreme, I Care a Lot AND Nomadland, and Celtics-Hawks. Go Cs!

Mamba Mentality vs. Mo Bamba Mentality

Is your favorite player mo' Mamba or mo' Bamba? We all know Kobe's 'Mamba Mentality'--killer instinct, ruthless confidence, toughness, grit, relentless hard work. But what about the 'Mo Bamba' Mentality? Well, we're coining the term to be the exact opposite--passive, uncertain, deferential. Josh hosts the panel as we go through the NBA's top 15 players and decides, are they mo' Mamba? Or mo' Bamba?

Totally Sounds Like | Jimi Hendrix x Kobe Bryant

At age 26, Jimi Hendrix closed out the biggest music festival in history with one of the most iconic performances in music history. Not to be outdone, Kobe Bryant was already a three-time NBA championship by the same point in his young life. Both icons left us far too early, but their legacies will carry on for generations.

MMH Review | Malcolm & Marie

When Nate sent in his review yesterday, I (Sasha) replied, "one sentence take?" He responded, "Incredible performances weighed down by (but ultimately I think transcending) a clunky (debatably problematic?) script. And super beautiful. And Zendaya's house is hella nice." Okay then! Let's dive in.

MMH Interviews | Playoff Bennie?

Soon L.B. Landry senior guard Bennie Amos will be a household name. Today, Malik Harrison connects with the star PG to learn about his basketball journey. They discuss the team's championship mindset, building confidence, inspirations, life after high school, and the contributing factors that make Bennie who he is. Tap in with Malik as he gets to know the young New Orleans phenom.