Carl Henderson

Carl Henderson II, also known as Lito the Gawd, is a multifaceted rap-writer. Carl is born and raised in New Orleans, LA. The city molded Carl’s writing style which is very conversational. Basketball is Carl’s passion, music is his first love. They are the reason he is alive and he cannot exist without either. Carl loves to spend time with wife and is a devoted dog father to his spoiled kids.
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Rick Ross’ Richer Than I Ever Been: An Album Review

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Nirvana’s Nevermind: 30 Years Later

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Oh Yeah, I Guess It Makes Me Smile: Five Reflections on Nevermind

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Music Review | shut the fuck up talking to me

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The South Got Something To Say: 400 Degreez And Anti-Southern Shade In Hip-Hop

MMH contributor and angry southern legend, 400 Degreez apologists, Juvenile-stan, New Orleans

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An Ode to Westside Gunn: The Best There Is, The Best There Was, The Best There Ever Will Be

MMH Altruist Carl Henderson, II shares his love for all things Griselda,

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Jadakiss is the Jordan Of Verzuz

Carl Henderson, II, a lifelong Dipset stan, gives his take on what

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