The MMH Scorsesawards

In celebration of the recently released Martin Scorsese film “Killers of the Flower Moon,” contributor Nate Mondschein hands out a few awards to the best bits of the storied director’s expansive filmography.

Nate Mondschein By Nate Mondschein 21 Min Read

Mobbin’ with MMH: The Geoff Schumacher Interview

Geoff Schumacher is The Mob Museum’s Vice President of Exhibits and Programs. The Made Man responsible for the museum’s artifacts, exhibits, public programs, and digital historical content sat down with an MMH underboss for an exclusive look behind the scenes of both the museum and the realities of the mob’s influence on sports, art, and culture.

Chris Dodson By Chris Dodson 37 Min Read

Who Dies First in Horror Movies, and Why?

Picture this. You wake up as a 17-year-old counselor at Camp Crystal Lake, home of the infamous Jason Vorhees. You’ve seen this movie before. Even if you haven’t, you know how it’s going to end. Preventing such a gruesome outcome for you and your friends becomes an instant priority.

Simon Pruitt By Simon Pruitt 10 Min Read

The (Not Too) Early Oscar Predictions

We’re more than halfway through the year, and yes, it’s that season again. It’s time to talk about the Oscars.

By Kelechi Ehenulo

G.I. Jane Turns 25

G.I. Jane unexpectedly returned to the cultural zeitgeist earlier this year, but this article is not about that. Nick Nocera examines the film’s fading legacy 25 years after its release.

By Nick Nocera

National Back to School Month: 10 High School Movies Worth Staying Up For

It's that time of the year - when students have to re-learn to get up early and head for a day of education. So what better way to prep for the year ahead than digging into movies that celebrate that

By Katie Smith-Wong

Steel at 25: Shaqsploitation

Who’s the man with four rings? Shaq! Who’s the man with a platinum rap album? Shaq! Who’s the man who starred in a DC Comics movie you’ve probably never heard of? SHAQ!

By Andy Crump

Movie Review | Brad’s Bucket Hat, Brian Tyree Henry’s Tank Engines, and Ten More Reasons Why Bullet Train Is Better Than You Think

With its chronically referential, cameo-happy humor and its ten-jokes-per-second pace, the absurdist new Brad Pitt action flick Bullet Train avoids flying off the rails thanks to an overqualified cast so committed to the bit, you can’t help but get on

By Nate Mondschein

Signs 20 Years Later: M Night’s Crossroads

Signs was released 20 years ago, so we’re dusting off our tinfoil hats and celebrating one of Hollywood’s most mercurial filmmakers, M Night Shyamalan.

By Simon Pruitt

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever and the Path Towards Collective Healing

"In this great future, you can’t forget your past."

By Kelechi Ehenulo

Movie Review | “NOPE,” Jordan Peele Still Hasn’t Made A Bad Movie

Channeling the best of Spielberg, Carpenter, and Twilight Zone pulp, Jordan Peele nails the hat trick with his gripping new self-reflexive sci-fi thriller NOPE.

By Nate Mondschein